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Blackfish Challenge .8

Blackfish Challenge .8


1st Place

Heavist Legal Blackfish
$2,000 Cash Prize*
and a cool ass TOG TROPHY

2nd Place $500 Cash Prize*

3rd Place gets Free entry into next Blackfish Challenge

FIRST FISH: 1st angler to land a "Keeper" Tog wins a NOREAST'R prize Pack on the spot! All anglers eligible at no additional cost.

DOUBLE DIGIT: 1st angler to land a double digit weight blackfish win one of our infamous Cool Azz Blackfish Trophies! All anglers eligible at no additional cost.

Calcutta 1 - Heaviest weight of a single landed tog $50 & $100

Calcutta 2 - Heaviest combined weight of 2 landed tog by the same angler $50 & $100

Calcutta: is won by the Calutta participating angler that lands the Heaviest Qualifying fish. Calcutta 1 = single Blackfish. Calcutta 2 = Combined weight of 2 landed Blackfish. Join at $50 level, $100 level or both. Payout to winner is 90% of the calcutta entry fees collected. Remaining 10% is donated to the tournament Charity.