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Striper Challenge 2020

Striper Challenge 2020



  • The Striper Challenge is the first leg of the TRIPLE CHALLENGE FISHING TOURNAMENT SERIES. The Series’ purpose is to promote competitive angling, good sportsmanship and the introduction of young fisherman to the sport.
    Co-Purpose is to support the Shark Sense, Inc a 501c3 non-profit, charitable corporation.


  • The tournament is open to any team of anglers fishing from a boat that agrees to abide by the rules of the competition. The Tournament Committee shall have the right to refuse or revoke entry or participation to any team, angler or vessel at it’s sole discretion and the any damages claimed by the team, captain or angler shall be limited to a refund of any entry fee paid.


  • Team Entry Fee is $250 
  • The team Captain or at least one team member MUST be present at the Captain’s Meeting and Rule Review
  • A final team roster and declaration of team vessel must be submitted at the Captain’s Meeting.


  • There are NO REFUNDS of Entry Fees or deposits for entry- Ever.
  • In the event the tournament is cancelled, or no eligible Striped Bass are landed, the Tournament Prize winners will be determined by random draw.
  • In the event that no qualifying fish is caught in a Calcutta by an eligible team, a refund of calcutta fees for that specific calcutta shall be refunded (minus the 10% donation to the charity) to the teams that entered that calcutta.
  • In the event only one place can be named due to lack of qualifying fish being caught by an eligible team in a specific calcutta, the team that weighs in the qualified fish shall be declared the winner and the second-place percentage (30%) shall be rolled into the first place winnings- This shall effectively change the Calcutta Prize Distribution to 90% winner – 10% to Charity.


  • Teams must comply with all State, Federal and Marine Fishery laws and regulations regarding fishing, the equipping and operation of their vessel.
  • All qualifying teams must arrive by water with their catch no later than posted closing time of the weigh station qualify for Any Prize as outlined in the schedule.
  • TAKE-OFF You can leave from any port in NJ/NY  but must weigh in at the official Tournament Weigh Station to qualify for any prize.

  • All fish must be caught by rod and reel and be of legal size
  • Any boat outside the 3-mile line at any point of the tourney will be disqualified from the tournament.
  • Teams can join and win multiple calcuttas. Teams can only win ONE place in any one Calcutta. 
  • This is a TEAM Name not a Boat Name tournament and all prizes will be handed out to qualifying TEAM Captain as listed on the Official Team Entry Form.
  • All fish weighed and pictures/verification forms submitted are subject to inspection and may be retained on demand by the tournament committee for verification. In the event the tournament committee is suspect the fish has been preserved or caught outside of the rules of the tournament, prizes may, at tournament directors discretion, be withheld until determination of the validity of the catch.


  • Friday May 1st, 2020:
    • 12:01 AM: Online entry and pre-registration discount ends. Discount coupons EXPIRE.
    • 6:30 PM: Pre-registered Team Check-In opens at Captain’s Meeting PROVING GROUNDS Waterfont Dining, 56 Shrewsbury Ave, Highlands, NJ 
    • 7:00 PM: Captain’s meeting begins “Last Chance” registration opens. 
    • 7:30 PM:  First Rule Review – Teams that are registered my attend this rule review and   leave right after.
    • 8:30 PM:  Second Rule Review- Teams may attend this reading of the rules and leave right after.
  • Saturday May 2, 2020     
    • 6:00 AM: Lines-in
    • 4:00 PM: No Further Catch Verification Requests are accepted. The Tournament Catch Verification Link is Disabled-   Teams must have submitted the verification request PRIOR to 4 PM *Auto Confirmation of receipt must state prior to 4 PM. Acceptance of Catch and size confirmation by Tournament Committee MAY GO BEYOND 4 PM. 
  • Sunday May 3, 2020 
    • Time: 8 AM  Shot Gun Start For Top Placing 5 Teams from Saturday Competition
    • Noon: Weigh-Station Opens @ Proving Ground Dock 
    • 1 PM Weigh Station CLOSES -  
    • 12:30 - 2:30 PM Award Banquet at PROVING GROUND Waterfront Dining, 56 Shrewsbury Ave, Highlands, NJ


  • This tournament may be cancelled by the tournament committee in the event of a Gale warning posted for NY Harbor as of 5 AM on the morning of tournament. The tournament may be held cancelled or postponed at the tournament director’s discretion. Nothing herein shall require a team, or Captain to participate in the tournament against their first responsibility which is the safety of the team and vessel. The final determination for a team to leave the dock is that of the team captain.


Spring 2020 Top Gun Team
Single Heaviest Tournament Slot  Striped Bass
There is NO Second - It's a Winner Take All ShowDown on Sunday!!!


 Calcuttas (9), TOP Lady Angler, TOP JR Angler and Mystery Match Length All Based On SATURDAY's RESULTS- 
see Prize List for Details