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Blackfish Challenge.5

Blackfish Challenge.5


Check in at Boat at 5:30AM

Anglers board boat in the order they registered online- 
(1st in = 1st aboard to choose spot)

Late arriving anglers board LAST- 
Miss the Boat - Miss the Tournament- No Refunds

Lines in after official announcement of "Lines In" and Horn Blast upon setup at first spot.

Winning the Calcutta: is won by the Calcutta participating angler that lands the Heaviest Qualifying fish. Calcutta 1 = single Blackfish. Calcutta 2 = Combined weight of 2 landed Blackfish. 

END of Fishing: Upon the announcement of "Lines Up" and three horn blasts the fishing is officially ended. In the event an angler has a fish hooked and is actively fighting the fish, that angler must make it known to a tournament official they have a fish on. That fish (if landed) will be eligible for the competition. No other angler may continue to fish after the call of lines up and the three horn blasts.

Definition of "LANDED:" To be eligible for any prize in this competition the angler must catch, by rod and reel, a legal size for harvest (Keeper) Tautog (Blackfish/Tog). The fish must be reeled in by the angler that has possession of the rod in his hand OR the angler that removes the rod from the rod holder after a fish is hooked. The fish must be fought and handled only by the angler and after it is over the side by that angler and a tournament official (the mates and Captain are considered tournament officials for fish handling). Once determined to be a keeper Blackfish, the fish will be tagged by the tournament official and stored in the boat's fish box until weighing. 
No passing of rods once a fish is hooked.  No Exceptions.

Determination of competition: After fishing ends, tournament officials, the mates or Captain will remove the tagged fish from the fish box and determine the prizes. The decision of the tournament director shall be final and not open to debate or challenge.

Disqualification: The tournament director may at any time disqualify any angler from the competition at the tournament director's discretion. Reasons for possible disqualification include but are not limited to: passing of a rod with a hooked fish to another angler, making false claim regarding a fish landing or any infraction of the rules as stated here unless changed and announced during the trip to the fishing grounds on the day of the tournament. Disqualification will be for all claims to all prizes, calcuttas or giveaways in the tournament- No refund of any type will be made and the angler may be barred from participation in any other Triple Challenge Tournament Series events.