Shark Sense, Inc. is a 501c3 charitable, NP corporation approved in 2015 that’s primary mission is to introduce the next generation of anglers to fishing with an eye on conservation of our precious marine resources.

Fishing methods, equipment choices, when and how to release fish after catching as well as when and how to take your fish home and enjoy it with the family- on the plate right next to the baked potato!

Shark Sense under the tradde name "Get Kids Fishing," runs several (more and more every year) events where they teach fishing to kids and kids at heart- supply  new rod reel combos including all tackle and bait needed to start fishing. All the kids events are 100% free- nothing for sale and comes with instruction, competition, trophies and FUN.

So how do we do it- Shark Sense is completely funded through our fund-raising tournaments.  The Triple Challenge Tournament Series combines 3 of the most popular types of tournaments in Striper Challenge, Shark Challenge and the Fluke Challenge. Blackfish challenges on charter boats are peppered throughout the “off Season.”

The Triple Challenge Tournament Series enjoys huge growth year over year with the Shark Challenge now in its 10th year.  Now growing into a series with a “home” at Proving Grounds Waterfront Dining in Highlands, NJ. A Main Weigh station at Leonardo State Marina and utilizing the American Legion for Streamlined Captain’s Meeting and rule review.

Slowly introducing Catch and Release Divisions and requiring good sense when handling fish in an effort to protect the fish stock from needless fish kills the Triple Challenge Series leads the way into the future of sustainable fishing tournaments and sustainable fishing practices.